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About Coach Shelley

Shelley Oberfoell, MBA, CPC

MBA in Business Management, Certified Professional Coach

Founder & President, Life/Career/Business Coach, Corporate Adviser, Certified Change Manager

Shelley Oberfoell is a Certified Professional Life/Career/Business Coach and owner of SAO Coaching in Atlanta, Georgia. Shelley has 30 years experience in global corporate leadership roles in a variety of industries.

Shelley holds an MBA from Keller Graduate School in Atlanta, and received her coach training and qualifications from the Strategic Learning Alliance and the Coach Training Alliance. She was a Founding Fellow and Member of The Institute of Coaching Professional Association (IOC) at McLean Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Affiliate, and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Shelley is also a Prosci-Certified Change Management Professional; this combined with her coaching expertise makes Shelley highly effective at leading organizational change.

Shelley’s approach to coaching encompasses working closely with you, the client to help you create a positive self-image through focusing on your Strengths and identifying and building upon your Achievements. This type of environment nurtures and encourages you to create your own Opportunities, realize your goals and develop your true potential. Shelley’s motto is “The Client is the Architect”. Shelley’s clients develop a sense of pride and accomplishment which creates a continual cycle of motivation and growth.



Shelley truly has a gift of helping people which is unique.  I was introduced to Shelley when I was going through a rough spot in life.  I felt stuck in all aspects.  I knew where I wanted to be, but was not sure how to get there.  She has helped me really dig deep and figure out my true path; even though it was a direction I thought was not an option.  My eyes have been opened to new possibilities and she has inspired me to get outside of my comfort zone, as that is the only way you truly grow.   I am grateful that I have her by my side cheering me on to becoming the person I was meant to be.  I look forward to what my future holds. I am more than happy to give credit to Shelley for helping me see my potential.  Thanks Shelley!


CB, South Carolina



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