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Coaching Options:








Advantages of Coaching:

  • Focused approach to your Future

  • Behavior Awareness

  • Finding Resolutions for Life Challenges

  • Becoming “unstuck”

  • Changing to achieve the Success you desire

  • Having the Career you Crave


Coaching helps you:

  • Look toward and create your Future

  • Discover your Strengths

  • Realize your Achievements

  • Create your own Opportunities

  • Take responsibility for all your decisions, actions and feelings

  • Reach your Goals

  • Understand that you, the Client, are the Architect



How It Works


“The lotus is a flower that grows in the mud. The thicker and deeper the mud, the more beautiful the flower grows.” Buddhist Proverb

Private Life Coaching

Relationship Coaching

Conflict Resolution

Career Transitions


I have known Shelley for over 10 years and was so delighted when she chose to take her talents for mentoring into the professional coaching arena.  I was one of her first clients.  My issue was with weight management.  Shelley helped me to work through the basis for my poor eating habits to the point where I finally realized that achieving my goal of weight loss and being healthy again was more important than the issues that I was trying to satiate with food.  She helped me realize that the most important focus I can have is looking forward and working toward the future that I want to see myself living.  I’m now down 30 lbs, feel the best I’ve ever felt, and it’s all due to my work with Shelley.  Thank you Shelley!!” 


KB, Georgia



My husband and I have recently become empty-nesters, and I realized that after all the years of working on a family together, we had neglected to work on our relationship and had begun to feel like strangers. Since I have been working with Shelley, I have learned how to take steps to reconnect with my husband while ensuring that I remain focused on my path to personal happiness. Shelley has helped me to not only uncover what I know in my heart will make me happy, but understand and implement the actions I must take to reach my emotional fulfillment.


RA, Georgia


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