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  • Career coaching is a strategic service individuals and employers can rely on to address challenges with:

    • work performance

    • career transition

    • personal conduct in the workplace

    • culture fit


  • Benefits of having a career coach may include:

    • increase in employee productivity and supervisory effectiveness

    • retention of valued employees

    • less time spent managing poor performers

    • increased quality in employee performance

    • improved employee morale

    • resource base for professional, experienced facilitators of training and staff development programs


In today’s corporate environments where employers are seeking to operate with minimal staff, the organization will want to ensure that their existing staff is motivated and satisfied with their current roles to realize the best productivity and return on investment for the organization.


Career Coaching is the process of working with individuals and organizations to help them assess their talents to develop and make critical decisions about career choice and strategic direction.  Many organizations assign career development to the Human Resource Department or Managers and believe there is no need for an external career coach; however external career coaches are most often better equipped at introducing an unbiased perspective and can deal with global issues.  Even if the direct manager has great self-regulation, the employee may perceive a bias and not fully trust the internal career mentor.  Employees typically feel more at ease speaking openly to an external career coach and can develop deep levels of trust. Companies across the board are similarly opting for coaching to help their high-potential executives perform in larger, rapidly-changing roles in a globalized world.


Gallup's 2013 State of the American Workplace Report states that “70% of workers surveyed either hate work or are completely disengaged.”  Organizations are asking themselves what career services they can provide to employees that will both demonstrate a return on investment and help the employee reach his/her career aspirations.


Career coaching can:

  • provide assistance early to prevent small problems from getting out of hand 

  • be a way to help a diverse group of people reach higher career aspirations so that they continue to build on their interests and skills and add significant value to the company.

  • help resolve career challenges for professionals; challenges that may seriously impact their success at the company and their lifetime happiness.






I knew Shelley professionally and personally before serendipitously learning of her unique coaching passion and expertise during a major career transition.  I had taken a risk with a company that didn’t ultimately turn out to be a good fit - if anything it appeared to have been a significant detour.  Shelley helped me hit the reset button in terms of truly understanding my career desires and goals.  We defined what my vision was, and whittled away both fears and practical/tactical moves and mindsets that were distracting and not aligned with my vision.  Furthermore, Shelley helped me navigate and evaluate multiple career opportunities, the pros and cons for each, and determine which path was best aligned with my vision and goals.  I’ve found a great opportunity as an SVP of a national commercial real estate firm and am extremely satisfied with what coaching helped me accomplish and believe in its value long-term.  Shelley is an exceptional coach – she’s insightful, a great listener, and acutely focused on developing your unique vision, then driving that vision forward through concrete steps and against competing priorities.  I’m ever grateful for Shelley’s help and will continue working with her going forward.


TT, New York



Thinking back over the last year and a half I'm shocked by how far I've come. I remember so clearly the feeling of not knowing which step to take and feeling paralyzed in my job. Shelley was exactly the inspiration I needed. Through her coaching she immediately helped me identify what mattered to me and from there she helped me find my own path to a more meaningful career. She guided me to find the time and energy to devote to job change and within a year I moved to a new job, one much more in-tune with my passion and a promotion as well! I have loads of challenges, but now I'm confident to know I'm headed in the right direction for me. My progress couldn't be more clear to me and I know Shelley's coaching was instrumental to making this happen. 


KM, Maryland


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