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Are You "Coachable"?


Are you ready to be coached?


Check yourself against these guidelines to ensure that you are in the right mindset for coaching:



  • Staunchly defends current decisions, practices, and ideas.

  • Does not use the ideas that others offer.  May be dismissive of others.

  • Appears non-receptive or not interested in coaching.

  • Does not seek self-development.  Does not engage in conversations about self-development.

  • Does not listen to suggestions offered by others.

  • Believes that asking for input is a sign of weakness.  Is uncomfortable acknowledging and discussing weaknesses.

  • Is driven to be right.

  • Is defensive and looks for someone to blame.  May hide mistakes rather than openly discuss them.




  • Not defensive when offered an alternative point of view.

  • Welcomes ideas and feedback about ways to improve.

  • Asks for coaching.

  • Looks for development opportunities, whether in the form of reading, classes, new assignments, or coaching from others.

  • Reflects on and uses ideas that others offer.

  • Is open to acknowledging strengths and weaknesses.

  • Has confidence and is willing to own results.

  • Handles failures and setbacks with grace and honesty.


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